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SUSTech Core Research Facilities (SCRF) of Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) is an important public laboratory facility for research and teaching, moreover, it is at the forefront of instruments, characterization technology and method. SCRF undertakes all the sharing instruments management of intersection research centers and schools. Adhering to the social pragmatic resource sharing oriented principle, we will provide universities, research institutions and high-tech enterprise with scientific research, training and technology development services.


As the large public experiment platform, SCRF provide advanced instruments and strong technical support for the SUSTech research groups. Utilizing the professional knowledge and technology accumulation, the staffs of SCRF participate in development of new equipment, new technology and new methods. Moreover, they strive to obtain the original innovations in advanced technology, testing and other aspects of technical standardization. SCRF provides the first-class research conditions for internal and external SUSTech research groups. In teaching, SCRF cooperates with schools, departments and other research centers, carries out the experiment course for public teaching laboratory lacking experiment conditions. In addition, SCRF independently sets up selective courses in the field of materials characterization and preparation, in order to cultivate a number of high professional standards, strong hands analysis of test personnel.


SCRF has 29 staffs. 24 staffs have a doctorate in famous universities at home and abroad and 9 staffs receive the appointment of Shenzhen "Peacock Plan" Talent. All the staffs have a solid theoretical foundation, strong practical ability and dedication of the spirit of service, to provide quality services for research needs.


SCRF has four public facilities, Material Characterization Facility, Microscope and Imaging Center, Micro and Nanofabrication Facility, Life Science Research Facility. The total value of all the instruments is 170 million RMB, including high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (TEM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), atomic force microscopy (AFM), dual beam system (SEM / FIB); mass spectrometry, chromatography, nuclear magnetic resonance, all kinds of spectrometers, comprehensive measurement system of physical property; electron beam exposure system, a thin film deposition apparatus, lithographic apparatus, a plasma etching apparatus; sharing system of DNA, proteins sharing system, animal experiments sharing system, equipment and other large cellular system sharing.