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Microscope and Imaging Center delivers advanced microscopy analysis and expertise to commercial and research organizations. It owns highly qualified technical personnel and the equipment of the latest generation. The center is an advanced electron/ion microscopy facility set up to conduct research at the forefront of world-leading resolution.

It provides access to:

3 advanced transmission electron microscopes (TecnaiF30, Titan Cubed Themis G2 300 and Titan ETEM G2), including one double aberration corrected TEM and one image aberration corrected environmental TEM

2 dual-beam systems (Helios 600i and ORION NanoFab), including the latest helium ion microscope with image resolution up to 0.5nm and sub-10nm nanofabrication

a scanning electron microscope (Merlin) with various detectors: EDS, WDS and EBSD, for sample analysis

an atomic force microscope (MFP-3D-Stand Alone) with both contact and un-contact mode.